Fireplace glass and other fire rated glass

We can provide glass for your wood burning, gas, or electric fireplace. We also provide glass for other applications where high heat or fire rated glass is required. 


Robax & Neoceram for Wood burning fireplaces

This type of ceramic glass has the highest rating for extremely high continuous temperatures. Robax and Neoceram can tolerate temps up to 1292°F. Temperature time load capacity:  610 °C/1,130 °F 1,000 hours 660 °C/1,220 °F 100 hours

AGC wire glass.jpg

Wire Glass

Wire Glass

AGC polished wired glass is made with lengths of wire or wire mesh embedded in the glass during the manufacturing process. 

Key Features
•   Meets  integrity  45  ~  60  minutes  
•   Transparency
•   Easy to cut
•   Available 6.8mm Thickness

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Tempered Glass

Most common in gas stoves where temperatures don't exceed 470°F. This type of glass is also great for Entrance doors,  Patio Table Tops, and shelves. 

Tempered glass is about 4 times stronger than regular annealed (non tempered) glass.   

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